Taking My Art Space Back

It may seem strange that I would choose to have my drawing table sitting in the corner of the dining room over an entire room upstairs.

It’s easy to get swept up looking at other peoples’ art studios with huge sky lights, tall organized shelves, all of the newest technology, giant work tables in the middle of spaces so big that they look like abandoned warehouses. Searching online would have you feel that you need all of that to be a legitimate artist, but ultimately, it’s about what makes you feel the best.

I truly believe that there is only one requirement for an art space… that it inspires you to create art! That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Sure it’s fun to dream of that perfect art space, but it’s not at all necessary to be your best artist.

To me, bringing my drawing table downstairs made the most sense. More on that here: 

Is your art space making sense for you?

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