Inktober Week Three

Here is my drawing for Inktober week three! Can you spot all seven prompts from the third week?

  • Mysterious
  • Fat
  • Graceful
  • Filthy
  • Cloud
  • Deep
  • Furious

More on Kelpie mythology: The Kelpie is a shape-shifting water horse of Celtic folklore. It appears to travelers as a beautiful horse beside a body of water. It would encourage them to ride on its back, and once its victims fell into its trap, the water horse’s skin would become adhesive, and it would bear them into the water to drown and eat them. Lovely stuff.

Prints for all Inktober pieces will be available to buy after the end of the month. Also, a video explaining and showing the process of each piece will be out around the same time!

Ink on, my friends,

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