Inktober Week One


All apologies, I actually meant to post this yesterday, and it somehow slipped my mind! Anywho, here is my drawing for Inktober week one! Can you spot all seven prompts from the first week??

  • Swift
  • Divided
  • Poison
  • Underwater
  • Long
  • Sword
  • Shy

More on selkie mythology: Selkies are seal-like creatures that have the ability to shed their seal-skins and appear as humans on land. If a man can successfully find and hide a maiden selkie’s seal skin, she will be his faithful, but lonely, wife. If she ever finds her skin, she will flee back to the ocean.

Prints for all Inktober pieces will be available to buy after the end of the month. Also, a video explaining and showing the process of each piece will be out around the same time!

Keep on inking,

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