September 2017 Art Vlog & Post: Mini Sketchbook Tour, IT Review & IT Timelapse Drawing/Painting

Happy Inktober! More on that later, but for now.. Here are some of my September art adventures!ย 

Future videos like this will probably be a little less chatty, but this has been a very fun start to a new style of video.

I started off with a mini sketchbook tour. I’m in love with my new sketchbook, and I just had to share my first couple of sketches inside.

I’ve also been wanting to draw more from life experiences, so when I saw the new IT, I knew I wanted to sketch something from it. I loved the look of that movie, from the colors, the composition, and the creativity of the scares themselves. Very inspiring style-wise, and of course,ย very creepy.

Inktober is here, and because I can’t participate every day, I’ll be combining all of the prompts per week into one big drawing at the end of that week. So I’ll still be using all of the prompts, except in only five drawings.

It seems like it might be a big undertaking, considering I’ve never participated in an Inktober before… but I feel so excited and motivated by what I’ve been planning, that I don’t think it will be a problem.

So please do subscribe to my Youtube channel to see my Inktober video at the end of the month! I’ll be uploading my sketches every week on my Instagram and Facebook, and of course I’ll be keep up here on my website!

Here’s to an awesome Inktober,

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