March Goals: Book Sketching, Faeries & Veggiedom

Well, this month didn’t start out quite the way I expected. That is, an entire week of being sick, putting me a little behind schedule, I must admit.

This one felt a little like crawling to the finish, but I made it, and I am very excited to share with you these three particular goals.

Not only were they a triumph in the midst of my various trials, but also, they’re just really fun goals to have achieved.

So, on to the first one!

1. A New Way to Sketch

There is this trend of artists sketching on book pages, that I just really, really love the look of. It was only a matter of time before I tried it myself.

Several years ago, I bought an old book that I got at my local community store, not because I was judging it by its cover, but because I was judging it by its lack of cover.

At some point in this book’s lifespan, it lost its sleeve, only revealing in gold lettering on the spine that its title is “Norah.”

I loved the look of it so much, that I bought it. Unfortunately, I haven’t read it since, but it turns out its purpose, for me, was something entirely different.

I opened to the first appropriate page, and sketched away. For the first sketch, I started with a graphite pencil before using pens, but all the others I drew straight away in pen because the pencil didn’t show up that well on the pages.

I couldn’t be happier with the way these are turning out, and it’s the first time in too long that I just sketched for fun.


2. Start Reading “Faeries” 


Continuing with the book theme… There has been one book on my wishlist for at least 10 years. That is until Greg surprised me with it this past Christmas, and I am so thrilled that it’s finally mine!

That book is “Faeries” by Brian Froud and (my favorite illustrator of all time) Alan Lee.

This expanded version, like its predecessor, features pencil drawings and watercolors of mythical creatures, as well as brief descriptions of their origins and powers; it draws on a long history of phantasmagoric iconography in the generally occidental vein. … Besides faeries, the authors also include renderings of many other denizens of faery land-goblins, dwarves and leprechauns, for instance-as well as stranger breeds, such as the Fachan, a one-armed, one-legged oddity from the Scotland highlands and the Jack-in-Irons, a “Yorkshire giant who haunts lonely roads.” For the child learning the pleasures of magical worlds, or for adults who never forgot, this book remains a delight. 176 color and 38 b&w illustrations.

If you know me even a little bit, you can already tell that this book is right up my alley.

Originally, my goal for this month was to finish the book completely, but due to certain circumstances (*cough cough*… No really, I’m just coughing because I still haven’t gotten rid of this stupid cough from the week I was sick in the beginning of the month) I had to switch my goal to start reading “Faeries.”

So far, it’s everything I could have ever hoped it would be. Completely immersive and inspiring.

It works out better this way, because I’m a slow reader, and I wouldn’t have wanted to cram this gem of a book into just one month.

3. A Return to Veggiedom 

When I was much younger, I was a vegetarian for about three years. That is, of course, not counting those TWO times I accidentally ate meat on a dare without realizing (an ant and a spoonful of canned cat food, if you were wondering).

I’ve been on the fence about returning to a meatless diet, but watching “Food Choices” on Netflix pushed me right over that fence and straight onto my butt.

I decided to start a plant based diet, for many reasons, but mainly for the animals.

After a brief period of “OH NO… What can I even eat now?!?” I started to really enjoy getting creative with food again. I’m actually excited to be in the produce section now, and my cravings have changed from really wanting a Big Mac, to really wanting fruits and veggies.

I know this way of eating isn’t for everyone, but if you’re already on the fence or even just curious, I would really recommend that documentary. I already knew about the unethical treatment of animals, but I couldn’t believe the amount of health benefits this diet has.

It might sound nerdy, but I’m having a lot of fun, and I’m actually really excited about food again.


So despite being a little down and out in the beginning of this month, I think it turned out for the best. These are probably my favorite set of goals that I’ve done in this series so far. I can’t wait to continue onto April!

In like a lion and out like a lamb,

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