February Goals: Valentine’s, Music & Oh So Many Flowers

It’s always a good sign when your New Year’s resolutions and plans last to February, isn’t it? That being said, I’m back with my February Goals! 

This month’s list focused more on experiences rather than actively creating something with my hands.

I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll mention again: I believe that there are so many different types of art to practice and draw inspiration from. It’s really important to take in all of these art forms because it broadens the mind and keeps you inspired.

So on to number one, the only goal on this list involving me personally making something.

1. Make Valentine’s Day Jam Heart Biscuits for Greg

Ah, Valentine’s. Every year Greg and I have a little adventure on whatever weekend is closest to Valentine’s Day. But since it usually does fall in the middle of the week, I wanted to do something to brighten up that particular Tuesday.

I found a recipe for Jam Heart Biscuits, and had just a little bit of trouble converting the recipe from mL to things I understand. All of this, of course, before realizing that my measuring cup had measurements for mL on the other side the entire time.

Once that was sorted out, I busted out the Mixmaster 3000 again, and got to work.

Then I realized I didn’t have the baking equipment I needed. So… a greased up bottle of cooking spray served as a rolling pin, and the baking powder lid served as a cookie cutter. I cut out the hearts by hand with a pointy knife, and would you believe that that was the easiest part? Because it certainly was.

Because of my MacGyver baking set up, this whole process was a bit of a pain. I was rushing through just to get them done, and of course that meant that I made my biscuit halves way too thick.

To top it all off… I overcooked them. I’m not gonna lie, they were pretty hard. But it’s the thought that counts right?

And despite my countless objections, Greg ate three of them right away. He must really love me.

At least they look cute?


2. See More Live Music

Music is very important to me, and I draw quite a lot of inspiration from it. To see live music is an entirely heightened experience.

However, it seems like there is a winter slump where, either there isn’t much live music to be seen, or I’m too lazy and cold to leave the house to see it.

Taking advantage of a sunnier day, Greg and I went to Whirled Records open mic, where there was so much wonderful, local talent to be heard.

Later, there was Gettysburg Rocks. There was a moment where I just closed my eyes and listened, and it was as if I were inside of the music (the whiskey probably aided in this very deep revelation).

I felt so grateful to be an artist in this world. Seeing the performers, the audio engineers, the audience, the dreamers of all kinds… made me feel honored to be a part of the collective that is proudly and diligently lifting up the arts.

We went to a few other shows this month as well, including a band in Lancaster that had an artist painting during their set, and a solo act in a Gettysburg bar that ended his set with the Scooby-Doo theme song.

Live music will always be a part of my life, so to get back into it after the winter slump felt amazing.


3. Visit Longwood Gardens

Few things inspire me more than being surrounded by nature. Again, this is not easily achieved in the winter, so I was happy that our Valentine’s Day adventure this year was visiting Longwood Gardens. We’ve been meaning to go forever, and it did not disappoint.

I can not describe to you the smell. It really can’t be replicated anywhere other than a garden. Keeping with the live music theme, there was a very talented violinist playing, which was really perfect and fitting to the garden atmosphere. Paintings which really caught my attention, with so much emotion in the eyes, hung in the home of the garden’s founders.

But the one thing that I was most amazed by were the colors. Colors you certainly do not see in everyday life. Colors that can not be can not be captured on any camera. Colors that remind me that God is my favorite artist.

They were unlike any colors I’ve seen in a long time, and to see them was truly an honor. I couldn’t look away.


So I will be leaving February more inspired than ever, and these experiences really played a big part in that. So far I am loving this blog series, and I can’t wait to see what March has in store.

Here’s to moving forward,

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