Art from the Heart: A Love Letter to Creative Breaks

Dear Creative Breaks,

In all honesty, realizing your positive attributes has always been slightly difficult for me.

You see, I have a tendency to run towards my goals at full speed as opposed to pacing myself… something about a tortoise and a hare comes to mind.

Naturally, this results in me burning out. In the past, this has lead to some unfortunate circumstances that have left me unable to create at the same quick pace, or at its worst, left me at a complete standstill for quite some time.

I truly feel like I am meant to be drawing and working on my art constantly. When I reach these moments of pause, I feel as though I have failed in some way. Taking a “creative break” feels like the last thing I should be doing. It feels like giving up.

The only thing that really stops me is the knowledge that forcing myself to create in that state would have no positive result whatsoever. Neither for my health nor the work itself.

And the truth is, Creative Breaks, you have always been there for me in these moments. Despite my reluctance, you have been there.

You were there for me when my art block was at its worst, and I felt like I didn’t know how to use a pencil anymore; When even holding one to a piece of paper felt unnatural.

And you were there for me in my most recent hour of self-sabotage: When I pushed myself so hard in an already busy life that, in response, my heart decided to beat out of time and cause me some pain in order to slow me down.

It is true that you have given me so many moments to breathe in the aftermath of these situations. I know now, and I sincerely thank you.

I am working some things out in my mind for our future, as I am assuming we will meet again. I am working on separating the unfortunate circumstances that force me to use you, and the peace and understanding the time you provide affords me.

I will start thinking of you in the wonderful ways you should be thought of: A moment of rest and a place to gather clarity.

To a loyal friend that has always supported me,

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