WIP Wednesday: Jellyfish

Hello! Today’s WIP Wednesday features this little jellyfish that decided to swim by.


Sketching this was actually fairly easy. I think a lot of the detail will be in the paint. However there must be about 500 little circles drawn here. It’s a good thing I find detail work slightly anxiety relieving… hopefully my hand will forgive me later.

Pencil work:



Current status:


As you can see, I didn’t really want to add a whole lot of contrast in the pen work, because a lot of the contrast comes from the color. So I can’t wait to add some watercolor to this!

What are you working on?

** –ย Click hereย to see the final result!

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Jellyfish

  1. I am curious to see how you paint/color this. It is an exquisite rendering of a jellyfish. Now that you mention all the details and your efforts to relieve anxiety/stress, I imagine this would make me MORE nervous/tense. Yet, there’s something about drawing sea creatures that does ease the mind into fantasy.

    What have I been drawing/painting? Mostly silhouette pieces for cover art, for books I am conceiving. I am trying to make the most of simplicity, limiting detail to set mood and capture visions.

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    1. Thank you! I plan on posting the finished product on Saturday. It’s turning out well so far, and I’m having a lot of fun with it too! But yes, there is something I find relieving about it. I think it’s the mindless, repetitive act of drawing the circles.

      I know what you mean about the relation of sea creatures to fantasy. There is something otherworldly about them.

      What you’re working on sounds great. I’ve always found silhouette pieces captivating, so that’s a very good call to use them for a book cover!


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