Jack of all trades, master of none?

You know, I’ve always kind of resented that phrase. What if, for some of us, true happiness is exploring all of our interests, and allowing ourselves to grow in every direction, and not just one? 

Personally, I enjoy drawing, painting, clay, sewing and film, as well as quite a few other things. I’ve tried pursuing just one thing, and I always find my mind pulled in another direction. Whether it was daydreaming about making clay figures while I was supposed to be focusing on video editing, or having amazing concepts for videos while I was supposed to be drawing trees, and so on and so forth. It’s nothing personal against any of these mediums, it’s just that I love them all and want to be doing them all.

Most recently, that one thing I was supposed to be focusing on was web design. There were parts of it that I really enjoyed, but I started learning it in order to get a job that I thought would be more creatively fulfilling than my current one. I got through an entire book on HTML and CSS only to realize that it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing at all.

I found this series of videos by an illustration professor named Will Terry, that talks about “picking yourself” and much, much more. Finding these videos was a complete Godsend because they really helped me realize that I was heading in the wrong direction with web design. I was pursuing it to get a foot in the creative job door, hoping it would lead to the artistic jobs I really wanted, but all I would actually be doing is web design and maybe some graphic design. All of my creative energy would be going there instead of being put towards accomplishing what I actually want to accomplish with my creativity, which I realized is not web design after all.

So please, please do check out his videos below, especially if you’re in need of similar inspiration.

This realization is why I’m here. The moments when I feel most artistically fulfilled are when I’m creating whatever I want to create. The kind of work I produce in those moments is work that makes me a better artist and is the work that I’m the most proud of.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Make art that I want to make and that I’m proud of, no matter what the subject is or what medium I choose to use to get there.

Don’t call me Jack,

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